Here you’ll find some tunes I recorded during the years with different groups.
Many other videos on my Youtube channel or Choro de Rua’s channel

This video has been recorded in Paris, in 2020, with the great Colombian multi-instrumentist Pedro Barrios. He had the idea of recording together this famous samba of the repertoire of Choro, called Noites Cariocas, who became Noites Carotas. Hope you will enjoy the swing!

This video is with my project Choro de Rua and it is dedicated to the beautiful Choro called Carinhoso, written by the great master Pixinguinha, which completed 100 years. I hope you will enjoy it!
100 years of Carinhoso, Pixinguinha

A beautiful version of Benzinho (Jacob do Bandolim), with the great Italian singer Barbara Casini

A video with the great Elizabeth Fadel, a famous samba of the repertoire of Choro, Bole bole. Recorded in Bologna, 2019.

A resume of a show of Choro de Rua at Calagonone Jazz Festival in Sardinia (Italy), in 2019

The video, here below, has been recorded in May 2018 with my quartet Regional Matuto, in Nuremberg (Germany), at This beautiful samba is a composition written by Marco Ruviaro called Santo Balsamo and it is dedicated to Denis 7 cordas. Barbara Piperno flute, Marco Ruviaro mandolin, Fernando de La Rua 7-string guitar, Marco Zanotti pandeiro.

A classical piece of Choro, Cochichando of Pixinguinha, recorded in 2020, while Marco was stucked in Brazil and me in France

Aeroplanando, Frederico de Jesus. This is the song which gives the title to the CD of Choro de Rua, recorded in March 2013. You will find some other tracks below, like Choques and Cheques (Albertino Pimentel) and Conversa de botequim (Noel Rosa). You can buy single tracks or the whole CD Aeroplanando at CdBaby. You can find us also on iTunes, Amazon etc.!
This video has been recorded at the foot of the great ex-volcano Monte Amiata, in the beautiful Val d’Orcia, Tuscany. This is a homage to this great place, which has been hosting us for years. We both love it so much!

Remexendo, a samba written by Radamés Gnattali
Live recording in São Paulo (Brazil), at Espaço Uirapuru, by Guilherme Petrochi, December 2015

Recordações, a polca written by Julio Bahianinho
(authorship erroneously attributed to Pixinguinha or not?)

Peixinhos na panela – Giovanni Guaccero.
A beautiful fresh Choro written by the Italian pianist and composer Giovanni Guaccero and played by him together with Choro de Rua. This video has been recorded during the festival Musica & Musica, at Scuola Popolare di Musica di Testaccio (Rome, November 2017). This project in trio has recorded a beautiful CD called A Roda dos Planetas Errantes which can be bought here, on Egea’s site.

Escorregando no Choro – Giovanni Guaccero
Another video of the project in trio with the pianist and composer Giovanni Guaccero. Here we were launching our CD at Radio Rai 1, during the broadcast “Brasil”, March 2017. You can find us also on facebook

Claridade n.º 2, a beautiful Choro composed by Cristiano Nascimento, a great Brazilian musician who plays 7string guitar and trombone, was born in Rio de Janeiro and he is living in France

Jiu Kuang 酒狂 (Traditional Chinese Music)
This is one of the videos of the project Dialogues between a Guqin and a Dizi, in duo with the musician and the sinologist Filippo Costantini. Here I’m playing a bamboo Chinese flute called Dizi. This video has been recorded at Cele (Centro Enseñanza de Lenguas Extranjeras) of the Mexican University UNAM, in Mexico City, November 2016.

Il Canto delle lavandaie del Vomero – performed by Esperidi Esenmble
It is assumed that this Neapolitan popular song, named “Song of the washerwomen of Vomero”, has its origins in the 13th-14th century, and that it became a protest song against the foreign kings ruling on Naples: “moccatura” means handkerchief, but it assumed the meaning of plot of land, usurped by the foreign rulers.

Bebê (Hermeto Pascoal)
This video and the following one have been recorded with the guitar player Roberto Bernardini

Via Crucis (Guinga – Edu Kneip)
Voice and guitar. Video by Amaneraphoto

Layover – Michael Hedges
An old video of a beautiful tune, performed by INDACO acustica (me at the flute and Victor Mazzetta at the acoustic guitar)

La canzone di Lupin – Castellina Pasi.
An old recording (2007) of a song that I still like so much, in duo with an acoustic guitar player, Andrea Mele

This is a samba called Cidade Lagoa and dedicated to the city of Rio de Janeiro, only voice and 7string guitar

this is me together with the Cherubino Flute Ensemble in Die Moldau (La Moldava), of Bedrich Smetana, a beautiful classical piece

and in the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy, The Nutcracker by Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky, another masterpiece of classical music

Choques e Cheques, a choro we transformed in a sort of milonga, writteng by Albertino Pimentel

Conversa de botequim, a famous samba written by Noel Rosa, instrumental version.